Why does the Love question work?

Emotions, Keeping Your Self

By Eilat Aviram

Last week I wrote about congruence.

Well, one of the big reasons the Love question works so well and so quickly is that it reveals a swift path back to congruence.

When you ask, If I loved myself what would I choose to do now?, three immediate things happen which directly address incongruence:

  1. You’re turning towards your Truth and that immediately alleviates one of the sources of pain and discomfort.
  2. Your answer shows you the steps you can take in that very moment to begin meeting your real needs and come home to yourself. It guides you to realignment with what is congruent for you and that brings relief and hope.
  3. It instantly shows you how much control you have over your choices and experiences and this returns your power to its rightful owner.

If you want to live in congruence, with a feeling of general inner harmony about yourself and your life, the Love question offers a personalised map to follow home – to your Self and your Truth.

Will you do it now?

If you loved yourself, what would you choose to do now?

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