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Do you wish you had the courage to do what you actually want and not just the thing you think you should do?

If you’re not loving yourself in your choices, you are setting yourself up for depression, anxiety, food issues, addiction, health problems…

There’s a sacred moment in each decision you make, in which you either turn toward yourself and your own inner Truth, or you turn away from it. The direction you turn in that pivotal moment will lead to you feeling great and at peace or to being frustrated, scared or ashamed.

People often say, “You should love yourself more” but what does that actually mean and HOW do you do it?

This wise, loving book by psychologist Eilat Aviram will teach you how to:

  • Make different choices
  • Love yourself more
  • Feel more satisfied at work
  • Understand your money patterns
  • Experience more peace in parenting
  • Have better health, sex and relationships
  • Enjoy food more and find your ideal weight

Narrated by the author, you can FEEL the love as you listen. It feels like a friend is speaking directly to you. Packed with intimate stories from her psychotherapy practice and life, it includes video meditations, downloadable PDFs that support your process. It even has guidelines to read the book as group or community.

This inspiring book will teach you how to make the right decision for YOU so that you feel more loved and cared for in your life.

And the method is so simple, anyone can learn it.

Start listening now. Don’t live another moment without knowing how to tune into your inner guidance in your decisions.

If you loved yourself, what would you do now?

“So simple you don’t expect it to be as powerful as it is!” Christine Kloser Bestselling Author

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